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Netposti is an electronic mailbox and online archive for consumer customers

Send invoices, documents and messages to your customers through the Netposti online service.

Who is the service designed for?

For businesses, Netposti is a great channel for sending invoices and other messages to consumer customers’ electronic mailboxes.


Through Netposti, your customer will receive your message or invoice regardless of time and place and faster than the equivalent paper letter.

Netposti is a free service for consumers where consumers can receive mail and read it when it suits them best. For businesses, Netposti is an excellent channel for sending invoices, pay slips, other documents or even laboratory test results regardless of time and place. The messages will reach their recipients faster than an equivalent paper letter would. E-letters received by consumers are automatically archived and stored free of charge for seven years.

  • A quick channel for sending messages and invoices.

  • Independent of time and place: consumers can read the mail they have received when it suits them best.