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Reply mail will make customers more active

Domestic reply mail items make it easy for your customers to place orders, respond to questionnaires and request to be contacted.

Who is the service designed for?

Once you have signed a service agreement with Posti, you will receive a reply mail code that must be printed on items to be returned according to the attached model. You can use information codes that direct the items to a location of your choice in your reply mail items. You can place orders and make changes to the reply mail item or the information code using the online form. The customer is responsible for printing the item and payment indication or having it printed.


In addition to placing orders, responding to questionnaires and sending contact requests, reply mail items are also suitable for making declarations to the authorities and sending laboratory samples.

Domestic reply mail items are free of charge for the customer, and you only pay for returned items and the service’s monthly fee. Domestic reply mail items are also suitable for making declarations to the authorities.

  • Orders, questionnaires and contact requests as reply mail items
  • Laboratory samples delivered fast, safely, and in perfect condition

Reply mail will make customers more active

Economy Reply

When you have concluded a service agreement, you will receive an item ID that is subject to a charge. You can also use information codes as a supplementary service in your reply mail items, so you will receive your reply mail items sorted according to information code. You can place orders and make changes to the reply mail item or the information code using the web form.

Payment indication and address marking for Economy Reply

The Reply mail item payment indication is a rectangle, recommended size 30 x 40 mm and color black. The address marking to be written on Economy reply mail items should be in the following format:

Envelope model for Standard Reply

Company Ltd

The postal code 00003 VASTAUSLÄHETYS is always used in Economy reply mail items.

Standard reply model


Domestic Express Reply

Express Reply is suitable for customers receiving laboratory samples. Express Reply can be sent to customers who have an agreement with Posti on the use of the service. Express Reply is delivered on the next day between specific localities. Read the instructions on how to send a laboratory sample as an Express Reply Item.

Basic Product Information, Economy Reply

Maximum weight
Economy Reply: 2,000g
Standard Reply: 50g

Minimum dimensions
Economy Reply and Express Reply: 90 x 130mm
Standard Reply: A6 (105 mm x 148mm), the item is always an envelope

Maximum dimensions
Economy Reply: 250 x 400 x 30mm
Standard Reply: C5 (162mm x 229mm), the item is always an envelope
Express Reply: length + width + thickness combined 900mm, maximum length 600mm – In roll form: length + double diameter combined 1,040mm, maximum length 900mm

Reply mail payment indication
Download Reply mail payment indication

Delivery Time
Economy Reply items are transported at a speed equivalent to that of Economy letters and delivered to the Customer at the delivery address provided by the Customer in the contract, in separate bundles in the basic delivery.

Express Reply items mailed on weekdays (Mon–Fri) in accordance with Posti’s instructions and/or the agreement between the Customer and Posti are delivered primarily on the next weekday following their mailing date in the areas specified in Delivery time inquiry.