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There will be a maintenance downtime in our web services 25.5. 18-24. During the downtime item tracking information is not updated and parcels cannot be bought from web service or OmaPosti app during the downtime.

My shipment has not arrived

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Track the progress of your item with Posti’s item tracking or OmaPosti application.

All parcels and some letters have an item ID which you can use to track your item in Item Tracking or in the OmaPosti application. If your item does not have an item ID, its progress cannot be tracked.

The time when the item is left in the mail affects when the item will be transported. If the item is not left in the mail in time for that day’s transports, the delivery time begins on the next day.

Feedback on Posti´s delivery

If the delivery of your item has been delayed, please fill out the attached form so we can investigate the issue.