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Reply Mail

Reply Mail price changes

  • Usage fee +7%
  • Establishment charge for transaction code/info +5%
  • Reply Mail Item Standard Letter + 3%
  • Economy Reply Mail Item approx. +10%
  • Economy Reply Mail Item, coupon +6%
  • Priority Reply Mail Item approx. +12%
  • Priority Reply Mail Item, coupon +10%
  • Posti Insured Reply+25%
  • Express Reply+5%
  • Reply Mail Item additional services +5 %
  • International Reply Mail Item +6%

Service changes

Express Reply
We will start using road transports everywhere in Finland. This will affect the delivery speed of laboratory samples (Express Reply) in northern Finland.

  • If the connection route is not a part of the 01 speed, the item will mail at 02 speed.
  • The majority of the laboratory samples are still delivered at 01 speed.
  • You can ensure the speed at the Delivery Time Inquiry with the sender’s and recipient’s postal codes as of January 1, 2019.
  • Two sizes: less than 3 cm and more than 3 cm.
  • Maxi-Sized laboratory samples can still be mailed as sample items with the Posti SmartShip service.

Posti Insured Reply

  • The higher insured value level (EUR 5,001–15,000) discontinued.
  • The pricing model changes from the item/kg pricing to weight threshold pricing.

The domestic Maxi Size additional service for Economy and Priority Reply Mail Items discontinued. Send Maxi-Sized Priority and Economy Reply Mail Items as parcels with the Paid by other than sender additional service.

Mail Receiving Services

Revision of list prices

  • Revision of list prices
  • Posti P.O. Box, invoiced +5%
  • Network Posti P.O. Box, prepaid +5%
  • Corporate Address +5%
  • Corporate Postal Code +5–10%
  • Box Service +5%

Mail redirection services

Change of address and mail redirection services price will increase by 10%.