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Letter Services January 1, 2019

Economy and Priority letters

  • The prices of domestic Priority Letters, Economy Letters and Priority Standard Letters will increase by an average of 7%
  • The Economy Standard Letter services will change, please refer to the price list for information on the new prices
  • The prices of international letters will increase by 6%

Delivery speed in Finland

kirje hinnat ehdot-en

New service: Economy Standard Letter Pro (19190)

  • A C5-sized letter that fulfills Posti’s machine sorting terms and conditions
  • Sent through the Sorting Service
  • The 2D code given by the Sorting Service added to the letter
  • Price model: Area pricing

New in Posti Pre-Paid Envelope

  • The minimum order quantity of packaging products will be decreased, the order batch will be 50 items in the future
  • The domestic Express Letter envelope, sizes C5 and C4

Discontinued services

  • The Economy Standard Letter (12910), Economy, a big standard letter C4 (17009), Economy letter, regional C4 (17961) and Priority, a big standard letter C4 (17010) which are ordered by using the mailing list
  • Double-Layered Bags for Posti Pre-Paid Envelopes, domestic and international Priority
  • The Maxi Size additional service will no longer be available for domestic and international letters with the exception of the Priority Letter stamped with a franking machine. Going forward, you can send your goods shipments using Postal Parcels. Read more.

Valuable items and Cash on Delivery letter

  • Payment methods will be renewed, there will be only one price list for domestic and international items in the future
  • The lowest weight class (> 100 g) will be discontinued in the domestic value letter price list
  • The prices of international value letters will increase by 6%.

Domestic and international service changes

  • The Registered letter, letter with advice of delivery, insured item and Cash on Delivery will be ordered using the Posti SmartShip ordering channel or another EDI interface.
  • The Valuable items and Cash on Delivery letters cannot be ordered using the Electronic mailing list (PP), Franking machine or Pricing service.
  • The use of multi-section (NCR) address labels will be discontinued

Express letter

Domestic Express Letter will become its own product and delivery speed changes regionally. The majority of Domestic Express Letters are still delivered at 01 speed, which means that the letter is delivered on the weekday following the mailing. If the connection route is not a part of the 01 speed, the Express Letter will mail at 02 speed.

  • You can check the delivery speed from the Delivery Time Inquiry service as of January, 1, 2019
  • The payment methods for an Express Letter are: Posti SmartShip, Electronic mailing list (PP) and Franking machine and Posti Pre-Paid Envelope and Express envelope.

The price of the international Exprès letter additional service will increase by 6%. The additional service can be bought for the Priority letter.

Customer return

Return policies for letters and parcels are standardized. The maximum size of customer returns will be discontinued and all items that exceed the maximum sizes (250 x 353 x 30 mm) are returned as parcels.