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Direct marketing services

Direct marketing services

Customer Direct

The structure of the price list of the addressed direct marketing delivery, Customer Direct, has been changed; the price changes are dependent on the customer’s delivery structure. The delivery speed will change to the 5th workday following the date the item was submitted to Posti.

It is possible to buy the Fixed Day Delivery for the machine-sortable Customer Direct as an additional service.

  • The delivery speed for Fixed Day Delivery is 02.
  • The additional service has its own payment indication.
  • The use of the Sorting Service, a 2D or 4-State code in the items and advance information of the service one week before delivery are preconditions for the additional service.

Other changes

  • The definitions of a machine-sortable product have been specified.
  • The prerequisite for the Sorting Service discount will in the future be using a 2D code or a 4-State code.
  • The Additional Handling price will increase by 2.1%.

Home Direct and Home Direct Premium

Home Direct

  • No changes in the prices.
  • The maximum measurements of items have been clarified: Width 230 mm (previously 250 mm).

Home Direct Premium

  • The price will increase by 15%.
  • The item delivery date is Thursday. The change entered into force on October 1, 2018.
  • Even a better advance order discount: When you place your order at least two weeks before the delivery date, you will be eligible for delivery price discounts.
  • The price of the 01 additional service will be EUR 0.015 per item in the future (previously EUR 0.010 per item).


The prices or advertisement spots of Postinen’s media space will not change. View the media card at address

Information Service

The price of saving change of address information will not change. Prices of other services will change

  • 0 service level (return to the desired address) +5%.
  • Manual saving of identifying information +20%.
  • Delivery of change of address information as a letter +3%.
  • A and E service levels for the maintenance service customers of the update service will be removed.
  • When you use the bar code in the Information Service markings, the quality of the saved information will improve and the price is lower.


  • The list prices will increase by 4%
  • There may be changes to customer-specific discounts in the contract service
  • A more affordable A4 letter product will be introduced (iPost printing)
  • Kontakti’s revamped, easy-to-use Create and send messages service is an alternative worth considering for users of the DMmessage contract service