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Pricing Service

Bring your letters to a Post office, we'll take care of the rest. We price the items mainly on the business day following the mailing. Laboratory samples or express letters cannot be sent through the Pricing Service.

  • Postal code area 96000-99999 pricing takes 1-2 days and delivery time moves forward.


  • Place a signed and dated Pricing Service work order form topmost in each box and mailing batch.

  • Separate the letter items going domestic or abroad each in their own box or if the number of letters is low, you can make a small bundle. Make sure that the stacks including the work order form will not come apart during transport.

  • Always place the signed work order form topmost.

Letter products and additional services

Domestic lettersAdditional service
Pricing service letter-
International lettersAdditional service

Valuable items and Cash on Delivery letters now only via Posti SmartShip

From January 1, 2019 domestic and international Registered letters, Letters with Advice of Delivery, Insured items and Cash on Delivery letters can only be ordered through the Posti SmartShip ordering channel, or through another EDI interface.

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