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Mail delivery

Mail is delivered on business days (Mon-Fri) by 6 pm. The items to be delivered are letters and publications whose maximum size is 25 x 40 x 3 cm and maximum weight 2 kg. A notice of arrival is submitted for all undeliverable items.

Ordering services

Request an offer for the service. When you accept our offer, you also order the service. When requesting an offer, let us know the address for which you are ordering the service as well as the location of the mailbox. We handle the offer in local mail delivery and may contact you with regard to the mailbox location and the launching of the service. Request an offer well in advance! That way you get the service when you want.

Early-morning Delivery to Home

The Publication Home Delivery service will ensure that the newspaper in the early-morning delivery service is delivered to a place other than the one already determined. The paper is delivered to the place agreed with the customer, either to the publication's order address or its vicinity. The service contract can be made with a private mail recipient or with a housing company concerning all of the housing company's mail recipients.

Delivery services for elderly and special groups

People with mobility impairment or aged over 75 years have the right have their mail delivered to a mailbox located beside a driveway or access way at the boundary of the plot or to an apartment-specific mail slot. The service is only offered to the permanent address of the mail recipient. A permanent address refers to the mail recipient's primary mail address valid until further notice that is the mail recipient's primary address.

The precondition for exceptional delivery is that all mail recipients in the same household are entitled to the service. One service request per household is enough if all the recipients at this address are over 75 years old.

However, a mail recipient with mobility impairment or aged 75 years, who regularly or repeatedly has to spend time alone in a shared household so that his/her ability to collect mail is significantly impaired, is also entitled to exceptional delivery.

Posti services for sparsely populated areas

In sparsely populated areas, when the journey to the nearest postal outlet is more than five kilometers, the customer can order free-of-charge home delivery of postal parcels and other signed deliveries which are originally allocated for collection from the postal outlet.

The service can be ordered on a per shipment basis from Posti's customer service.

Poste restante

Pick up items temporarily from a Posti outlet

Pickup points for Chinese deliveries (only in finnish)

About mail delivery

Terms concerning basic delivery are indicated in Delivery Service Terms. Posti's deliveries are stipulated in the Postal Act, and compliance with the Act is monitored by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.